perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2012

And we were dressed from head to toe in love... the only label that never goes out of style.

Even though hasn't been one of my biggest favorites earlier, there are still many great looking pieces in sale now! 

Look at these cuties, I would love to take every one of them with me to Thailand, yummy! And the price isn't bad either.

Why don't men love animal print? So cute and only 11,95€
The perfect color!
Be brighter than sunshine 14,95€              
Tanned skin&white= perfection 15,95€

Oh hello you beautiful beach dress! 36,95€
Eye capturing winter party dress 23,95€

I'm really stressed about my flight to Thailand, cause' I actually hate flying so much. But I have tried to read about flying and the mechanism of an airplane and it has actually comforted me a bit. I'm the kind of girl who cares about plain facts and flying statistics and has now understood that an airplane can hover almost 300 kilometers even without a single motor functioning! Well, that's really something that matters to me, ha.
Though I'm scared I'm not gonna let it ruin my trip and the feeling I'm gonna get after doing it all by myself is going to be extremely rewarding. So my feelings are quite complicated now...
But today is the day I have to buy my flights as to achieve a peace of mind.

I really missed my love today and had to watch something romantic and sweet also known as Sex and the City: The Movie. Dream about the love story of Carrie and Mr Big...

It's no wonder I felt wistful in the morning...

I also made the cutest manicure ever with beige and gold. The nail polish in the front is one of my all time favorites, so classy and chic. I got it from my sweet lil sis Kirsi from New York some years ago. OPI nail polishes really have a great quality as they do not dry up like many other cheaper polishes quickly do. And sorry for the terrible condition of my cuticles.. Well, the winter has done what it does best...

I think the most beautiful manicures are now the ones with that little extra.

Pictures from Pinterest

Wrote this in english today for some change. Hope you liked it anyway...


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  1. Sun blogi on kiva! :)aiotko kirjottaa täst edespäinki englanniksi?

  2. Kiitos !!:) Ihan huvin vuoks kokeilin vähä vaihtelua, ku on pari englanninkielistä lukijaa:).. Ei huolta!


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